Innovative Solutions
Innovative Solutions


e-Business allows transaction between businesses using the internet. Your current back-end system provides the e-Business system with the needed data.

Typical transactions are made between
  • Your Business and your customers
    Your customers consult your website to find the information they need instead of wasting your time over the phone, fax, ..
  • Your Business and your suppliers
    Your business relies on certain fixed suppliers. Why not automate the routine of ordering the products you need? The orders are directly send to your suppliers when needed without your intervention or after your approval with 1 mouse-click.
    Some benefits:
    • More time to do important things
    • No errors due to human error
    • No out-of-stock because you haven't had the time to place the order
Companies recoup the costs of implementing an e-Business strategy in 6 months!

e-Commerce moves your existing sales department online. Your shop is open 24/24 and 7/7 for your existing and new customers. Everyone can browse your product-catalog without any load on you and your sales department! Orders are placed and processed automatically without your intervention.
Typical transactions are made between
  • Your Business to consumer (B2C)
    Every internet-user is a potential customer for your business. Customers only have time to go shopping when your traditional shop is closed.. Your online shop is open 24/24 and 7/7.
  • Your Business to other businesses (B2B)
    Time is money. That's why companies don't like to wait on the phone to place an order or request information. There are no queues on your online shop and your clients know exactly what they are buying.

A professional presence of your company on the internet. No fancy stuff, just a good representation of your company on the net with the full potential to grow towards a full-featured e-Business website when you are ready.

You have something to tell to the world? Use a portal.. Bring news about your sector to your businesspartners via your website. Your website will become a hotspot on the internet specifically for your sector.